Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Repertory Company?

Traditionally, a “repertory company” referred to a theatre who hired a company of actors for an entire season rather than on a show by show basis. Often these companies would perform more than one production at a time, running concurrently with the same company of actors. We will be focused on the first part of the repertory mission: hiring a company to work on all the shows in our season. We're calling this company our Emerging Artist Repertory Company. The Emerging Artist Repertory Company is the core of our theatre. We care deeply about the development of local artists who nourish the community in which they live. With our repertory company, we are specifically creating a place for emerging artists (actors, designers, theatre artists of all stripes and sizes) to hone their crafts alongside industry veterans. These emerging artists will have the chance to be mentored by our community’s more established artists all season long; developing their craft in a safe, inclusive environment. One day, we hope to expand our repertory company to include both Established and Emerging Artists employed by a living wage for the duration of a theatrical season. We believe that a repertory approach to artistic ensemble is essential in the development of sustainability and stability in the lives of our local theatre artists, who can now be assured a seasons worth of work, instead of 6 weeks at a time. If you are interested in financially contributing to this goal, please reach out to learn more.

Emering Artist Repertory?...what about Established Artists?

Established Artist are vital to our mission and to our community. Each production with feature established artists who will provide a veteran presence, serving as a mentor to one or more emerging artists. This may be via informal coffee sessions outside of the rigors of the rehearsal hall, it might be a master class on a topic related to the craft and/or business of the theatre, it might be a roundtable about their career. These mentorship efforts, coupled with the invaluable experience of sharing the stage when rehearsing and performing, assure that we hear each other's voices and learn from each other's perspectives; whether we are established or emerging.

What kind of shows do you do?

Our guidepost in show selection is “New Perspectives”. This philosophy may exhibit itself through a combination of: the material chosen (playwrights grappling with an existing idea in a new way), directorial perspective (established work viewed through and approached with new eyes), and casting philosophy (non-traditional and inclusive views of character and story). We are seeking out that spark that helps us and our community engage in conversation and interact in a new way. Art has a transcendent power to bridge divides and allow entrenchments to fall away; letting us view and engage Otherness without the fog of fear that permeates and infects so much of our society and interactions. All this to say, there is no “rule” about what kind of show has the power to help us re-examine ourselves; you’ll find no proscriptions here. Our season may contain musicals, drama, comedy, classics, farces, or holiday fare. We are partial to strong ensembles and character-driven stories. But, rest assured, we will explore stories that seek to change you; stories that will allow us all to press forward.

Where do you perform?

Though we are actively looking for a permanent home and for funding partnerships to assist in that venture, we are pleased to announce our first season partnership with the Fishtank Theatre. We will be in residence at their Blackbox performance space in the West Bottoms for the duration of our season. Please see the current show season page for more information, tickets, and addresses!

How can I get involved?

There are many ways and they mostly depend on what you’d like to do! If you are an actor: send a note with your headshot, resume, and equity status to and we’ll keep you updated about upcoming auditions. I f you are a technical theatre artist: drop our Artistic and Technical Director, Todd Lanker, a note at with your interest and field and we’ll be in touch regarding opportunities. If you are a director or playwright: we are always interested in hearing about a project you are passionate about, especially if it provides a new voice to the conversation. Send a note to our Communications Director, Elaine Clifford ( If you are interested in supporting our mission of inclusive, sustainable theatre that strives to press forward with hope with material support (via donations of money or in kind supplies): reach out to our Executive Director, Bailey Rose ( If you are interested in taking matters into your own hands, rolling up your sleeves, and spending time with us as a board member, volunteer, or general helper: reach out to our Artistic Director, Coleman Crenshaw ( If you are a corporation or organization interested in partnering with us, or curious about our upcoming community events, contact our Marketing and Donor Development Director, Ryan Fortney ( If you want to help us in any other way that didn’t get a shout out: let us know at

Why did you form a company?

Simply put we felt there was room for a new perspective. We believe strongly that theatre changes us, as artists and as audiences. We want to bring forward an inclusive and welcoming company that nurtures the ability for art and artists to spark conversations in our community. We want to unearth voices and stories that have been too long overlooked and in the process awaken perspectives within ourselves that need more examination.

Why “Forge”?

We feel a Forge is an apt metaphor for the process of refining and creation. It is hard work to shape metal into something useful; sometimes what was standing needs to be given heat and pressure to melt it into something stronger and more supportive of the community it is in. We have nothing new ourselves, but with the help of other voices and other metal we may just shape our world into something more beautiful than if we stood alone.