Coleman Crenshaw

Managing Director


Coleman Crenshaw is passionate about creating community engagement through the theatre arts. He completed his MFA in Performance and Society from Rhode Island College and has been an active part of the Kansas City Theatre community since he relocated from the east coast 10 years ago. While mainly an actor, having performed extensively in the US and the UK for the last 20 years, he is also a teaching artist and director.

He helped develop a performance ethnography program called The Oral History Project: I Was There, Faces of Fox Point, that was recognized by the NCPH and is now used as a state-wide model in Rhode Island. As a teaching artist he has worked with a variety of students both at the collegiate level (SBU and JCCC most recently) and as an independent artist creating new programming in high schools and elementary schools. He specializes in pre-K to 2nd grade playwright training through a program of his design called Interactive Storytelling.


His performance and directing expertise spans a great number of styles, from classical Stanislavskian realism to Grotowskian physicality, from classical to Avant Garde solo performance. His aim is to develop lasting and powerful communities of artists dedicated to inspiring social change.


Theatre is, at its heart, a well-told story, powerful in its immediacy and limitless in its capacity to impart knowledge and inspire action; and Forge Rep desires to make that story accessible to all. He has two dogs, one girlfriend, and a handful of nickels. He is content.