The Living Ticket

We have completely reimagined how ticketing works for each of our shows. Our “Living Ticket” model is explained in further detail below, alongside other ways that you can choose to partner with us!

At Forge Rep, we believe that theatre is for EVERYONE. In an effort to promote theatrical accessibility, money is no longer a barrier to attend any Forge production! We do this with our “Living Ticket”. You can reserve your Living Ticket cost-free online, or get it in-person at the show (space permitting).

So the Living Ticket is a free ticket?

Technically speaking, yes. There is no financial transaction required to reserve your ticket. However, it does cost us quite a bit to create these productions, and in order for us to continue making art for all people to enjoy, we rely heavily on small, personal donations from you-- our audience!

What is the end goal here?

Our end goal is to keep art affordable for all while making it possible for artists to earn a living. This may seem a daunting and impossible task, but we believe that it is possible with your help! It’s also important to note that as an ensemble theatre, we pay all of our artists equally and prioritize paying our artists over other production costs.

This is all great in theory, but how does it work?

As a supporter of Forge, you can choose to give whatever amount fits within your current needs! Unsure of what to give? We’ve got some info for you! This is where our “ Open Book” policy comes into play: Based on our budget numbers, we have provided some suggestions that give you an idea of just how much it costs to make the production you are about to see and how you can help us continue making more. We calculated what would happen if 50% of our 75 seat capacity was filled every night, and each attendee gave according to one of our three budget breakdowns.

  • If each person gave (x), we would meet our Current Budget. This just covers our basic production needs and the minimum allowance alloted for each artist. Whew!
  • If each person gave (y), we would meet our Minimum Budget. Hooray! You have just allowed all our artists to earn minimum wage for this production!
  • If each person gave (z), we would meet our Living Budget. This is our ultimate goal! All our artists can now earn a living wage for this production, AND our design team is able to create the most beautiful piece of art they can imagine. Thank you!

But what if this doesn’t work at all?

You’re right; this is a risk we are taking. Our research has shown that similar efforts have succeeded. Plus, if we don’t take the risk now, while we are just starting, it will never be any easier to do it. However, if it does fail, we will humbly and transparently explain what happened and try something new!

This is overwhelming… Help?

We understand that all this newfangled talk can be daunting. Here are a few other ways you can support the work we do here at Forge!

  • Spread the Word: Having you at our shows is what is most important to us. And now, with NO FINANCIAL BARRIER to attendance, it is easier than ever to bring your ten best buddies to a show! Maybe your buddies will also donate, maybe they won’t. But we will connect to a wider audience; that is what Forge is all about. Art exists to foster conversations and without you we’ve got no one to talk to! The time you and your buddies spend with us is a wonderful, vital investment and we appreciate it.
  • Volunteer with Us: Whether it is helping in our Box Office or rolling up your sleeves and helping during tech week, we are always thrilled to have your assistance in making our creative vision happen!
  • Connect Us to Resources: Do you know of free spaces to rehearse in? How about a great deal on an affordable event venue? Let us know about the connections and resources you have!
Together, we can press forward into the new, vital future of theatre.