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The #PressForward Press, Issue No.3

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Let's take a look back at Season One....

So many things have happened during this past season! Although our time was cut short (thanks #COVID19), we are happy that despite all odds, we were able to host a couple Happy Hours, enjoy the holiday spirit with Xmas Night Live, and successfully produce two shows. Let's take a little trip down memory lane, shall we?



We could not be more proud of the work that our Emerging Rep has accomplished this season! Our Emerging Artist Repertory Company is the core of our theatre. We care deeply about the development of local artists, and have created a company where young theatre artists may work alongside industry veterans to hone their craft while garnering insiders' tips about the business. These individuals are hired for the duration of an entire season, and work on each show in some capacity. As we continue to develop this repertory approach, we endeavor to create theatrical sustainability for all artists who become a part of our Forge family!

In this, our inaugural season, we were honored to take on four talented individuals who together comprised Forge's first ever Emerging Artist Rep! We are grateful for the time we were able to share in their artistry, and we look forward to working with them again in the future. Keep your eyes peeled for their faces around the KC community!

Kitty Corum: Sound Design (On the Verge), Alleleira/ Kitty (Secret in the Wings)

Sonia Gwin: Fanny (On the Verge)

Annie Schwaner: Alex (On the Verge), Snake Leaves Princess/ Annie (Secret in the Wings)

Jace Willcutt: Et All (On the Verge), Prince/ Jace (Secret in the Wings)


Hang on a moment.... what about those "industry veterans" we mentioned earlier? Don't worry; we are here to give them as many accolades as we can muster for their crucial roles in our season and in the lives of our Emerging Rep! Not only did these artists distinguish themselves within our productions, they also dedicated additional time from their personal lives to mentoring and encouraging the younger members of the Rep. We are forever indebted to them for the time and expertise they were willing to share with us to make our mission a reality!

Nancy Marcy: Mary (On the Verge), Member of the Actors' Equity Association

Coleman Crenshaw: the Ogre/ Mr. Crenshaw (Secret in the Wings), Managing Director of Forge Rep

Visit our website to learn more about our mission and how you can be a part of creating sustainability and stability for ALL artists!



By Eric Overmyer

Directed by Ryan Fortney

"Perhaps the imagination is on the verge of recovering its rights."

Forge kicked off its first season with the witty and charming tale of three women whose predominant quest is to explore every corner of the mysterious Terra Incognita. Their journey takes them through marshes and wintry gales and across the paths of many a zany character (all craftily portrayed by a single actor). Their passionate soliloquies and heartfelt dialogue left us with a compelling desire to join in the exploration and be the best possible versions of ourselves!




Mary: Nancy Marcy

Fanny: Sonia Gwin

Alex: Annie Schwaner

Et All: Jace Willcutt



Proudly presented by the Forge Core

Baby It's Cold Outside (the PC version)...

A Christmas Carol in 3 Minutes...

I'll Be Home for Christmas...

LA TV Christmas...

And featuring our host- "Jimmy Stewart"!

These are just a few of the holiday gems presented by our founding members during Xmas Night Live. Full of high jinks, mistaken identities, and Christmas cheer, this evening of sketch comedy provided many laughs and heartwarming moments. Not to mention that we in the Forge Core had a blast performing for you!

Wondering why the Core would so willingly make fools of themselves for your benefit? Besides the fact that we are all dorks and find it enjoyable, the main reason is tied to the fact that everything Forge does is 100% donation based. Events like this one provide a way for us to raise support with minimal production expense on our part. This way, more of your dollar goes directly to supporting our artists and our mission. We figured if we can make you laugh and have fun ourselves in the process, why not? Learn more about our "Open Book" approach HERE.

"In a nation that is battling rising cost of living expenses, Forge chooses to do something revolutionary." -Rebecca Ralstin, KC Applauds

Be on the lookout for more "night lives" in our future!



By Mary Zimmerman

Directed by Todd Lanker

"Where are you going, my love, my love? / Don't ever go there without me."

What will we remember the most about this show? Is it the insane amount of sand, petals, leaves, and toy soldiers left on the stage after every performance? Possibly. In reality, we will mostly treasure the remarkable ensemble who came together to weave stories of ogres, princes and princesses, and tales of love and sacrifice. This unique show, told through movement and imagination, left us breathless and pondering our part in meeting fear and uncertainty with love and empathy.




Ai Vy Bui

Kitty Corum

Coleman Crenshaw

Lauren Hambleton

Jerry Manan

Marianne McKenzie

Annie Schwaner

Stefanie Stevens

Jace Willcutt

"If the preview performance of THE SECRET IN THE WINGS is any indication of the quality of shows that can be expected from Forge Repertory Theatre in the future, then believe me Kansas City is in for a treat." -Steve Wilson, Broadway World


With these wonderful memories behind us, the only thing we can do now is #pressforward.

Follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM to keep up with the latest news, especially our upcoming Season 2 announcement! For more information about our mission and all the cool things we are doing, check out our website!

Until next time.

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