Season Support Campaign

Forge is getting ready to kick start our inaugural season! 


From now until November 30th, we are in a race to raise as much as we can to get our fire started! Ready to help us share new perspectives with our community? Let’s do it! Here’s how:

  • Every dollar counts! Whether it’s $5 or $50, we need your help bringing our mission and vision to life! 

    • Donate any amount here on our secure donation page! DONATE NOW

  • Want to truly invest in Forge’s origin story? We are looking for a group of dedicated community members to be a part of our Season Supporter group. 

    • With a donation of $150 or more, you become a Season Supporter!

    • To express our thanks, we will make sure that you have a reserved seat with a special name card on it for our entire season, whichever nights you choose to attend!

    • Furthermore, you will be invited to attend special Season Supporter events, which will be scheduled at a later date.

    • This opportunity will only last until November 30th, so JOIN NOW!


Your donations go directly to support our first three shows as a new company, as well as our ongoing Operations Budget. 


But, why $150?  $150 is an awesome number for many reasons. Here are a few:

  1. $150 covers approximately one ticket per run for all three season shows at the “Minimum” budget level. This means that if ALL of our tickets were purchased at this level, we could pay our artists the minimum wage for their roles in our productions.

  2. $150 covers the rental fees for two nights of rehearsal during our season opener, ON THE VERGE OR THE GEOGRAPHY OF YEARNING. 

  3. $150 pays for two weeks of our director’s stipend for any of our three productions.

  4. $150 allows us to pay our board operator a small token for their work during ON THE VERGE OR THE GEOGRAPHY OF YEARNING.

  5. $150 makes a huge difference.


We are so grateful for our community and for those like you who are committed to keeping the arts alive and accessible to everyone! Press forward!


Become a Season Supporter:

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